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I literally just got off the phone with Avery as she called me crying from school reminding her of just this.
To know I am over a year out of a horrible Health scare and that my kids are STILL struggling with leaving me alone in the “just in case” I get sick and get rushed to tHe hospital makes this mommas heart hurt BIG.
I know He has all of us in the palm of His hand and that brings me to a place I can take a deep breath and have peace.
Yet my girls are struggling with being back at school this week and are anxious and scared and worried that they aren’t with me in the “just in case” scenario has me undone??to know they are still STRUGGLING (mind you I was contacted about Jordyn’s belly hurting her yesterday due to her anxiety) because of what they walked through and witness due to my health BREAKS me to the core ??
I have reminded Both of them that God has healed me from what happened last year and that I know I don’t feel well sometimes but we all have days we don’t feel well.. mine might seem more frequent but all I need to do is rest and then I am better..
I have told them to take deep breaths in, and as they inhale to remind themselves that they can do all things through Christ and as they exhale they do so with knowing He has them in the palm of His hands.
Amazing things birth forth from our darkest places and although we as a family are still struggling with my health situations we are so thankful I am healed from where I was and that we have one another but most of all we have HIM.. please pray for my kidlets and their hearts. I KNOW God has already used this and will continue to do so to strength them and it will be a powerful part of their testimony and how they have seen His mighty unfailing love and faithfulnesS

I don’t  know what you are walking through today but I can tell you this. For nothing is impossible through Christ Jesus and we can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS US.

Whatever you are facing I pray that you know that you know that you know that you are His beloved child and that He has you in the palm of His hands. He goes before you and stands behind you. He sends angels around you and He has orchestrated a divine and anointed plan for your life. Lean into Him. Turn to Him. Allow Him to guide you, strengthen you and allow Him to bring you peace and stillness in the midst of your internal storm. Allow Him to pour down His anointed healing over you and allow Him to take the clips off your wings that are keeping you pacing on the ground and allow Him to place you in His loving embrace so you an take little steps leading you to run and fly. You have got this, He’s got this and He promises that you can do ALL things with HIM.

love you all and praying His truth and His resurrection be the truth that sets you free..