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There are lots of things I struggle with and don’t do right but I have to say that raising my kids up in the Lord, knowing His truths and teaching them to love deep is what drives me and fills my soul. I desire them to love without boarders and to ALWAYS see the good in someone. To LOVE differently then the world teaches and shows them. To love as Jesus loves and to let the people who have impacted their life know how much they mean to them and to share with them how much they are loved. This is what I am PASSIONATE about.  

To find this letter this morning that Jordyn wrote to Jace, well tears streamed down my face. I pray for my family and I pray that what I teach my kids, what I try to instill in them resonates in their souls. 

This letter not only was precious for Jordyn to write (on her own) but it changed Jace’s day, His atmosphere, and it left an everlasting impression on his soul. Jordyn walked out 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as in fact you are doing.”

My prayer for you today is that not only would YOU receive a note, phone call or a letter that edifies and builds you up, touching your heart in this way, but that you would do the same for someone that God is placing on your heart. 

Be a source of light, hope and encouragement for someone today, you just might be their angel they have been praying for and their answer to prayer   

Praying you step out in bold faith today and the overflowing blessings of God fall down upon you 

Love y’all BIG