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Could not have asked for a better morning drive this morning. This sunrise took my breathe away and brought a stillness to the turbulent chaos that was raging deep within the crevices of my soul. A stillest to the untethered discord that was beginning to take root deep within was quickly released as I was not only encapsulated by God’s love but I was overtaken by His presence as He saturated me with His shalom peace.

It was a moment in time when I felt the peace of God wash over me and a moment in time when I knew everything was going to be alright.

It was a moment in time when I knew God was redeeming the old to create something new and it was a moment in time when I was reminded that His light always overtakes darkness.

These are the moments in time you are reminded He creates beauty from your ashes. The moments in time when you are reminded that His majestic handiwork paints an exquisite picture across the skies to reminds you that His mercies are NEW every morning and that He is faithfully good. It was a moment that you are enthralled with the the unfolding of His perfect plan for your life as you gaze upon the skies and realize God has just given us a glimpse of heaven on earth. It was a moment you realize God has taken the broken, desolate and dying pieces of your heart, and is creating a beautiful garden fragranced with the sweet aroma of His love.

The moments we are reminded that God works everything out for His glory and His good. That God hears the cries of your heart, the rhythm and song you are dancing too and creates a breathtaking picture to remind you that the orchestra is fine tuning the perfect melody to your life song so He can choreograph a new dance, with a new beat in which you will begin a new dance with Him.

The heavens declare His glory. The skies declare victorious freedom and we get to journey through this day with our eyes fixed on the things above, knowing He is leveling mountains, cutting down bars of iron and paving the way.

Let your day be like this sunrise over the ocean this morning. Let us be filled with illuminating light, majestic colors and makes people stop because the beauty of your life takes their breath away.

Praying today as you lay your burdens at the foot of the cross that you walk in a posture of surrendered faith knowing He turns our mourning into dancing and that the dark skies that may have been hovering over your land, will see a new sunrise, one that lights up the skies in a way that allows you to stop in your tracks and breathe in the faithfulness of God. Praying as you lean in, trust, and inhale in His anointed healing love, that a new light is ignited within your soul and you know the picture He has dripped across your sky is one that you can continually gaze upon as you are reminded He gives you moments in time that you are washed by His Crimson blood so you can be purified and made white as snow.

Covering you and going before you in Jesus name AMEN