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Last night we went to church and Pastor Brad Howard spoke on the importance of having a mentor in your life, someone to guide you, direct you love on you and speak truths into your life. It was a powerful because I believe we as a church have fallen short in this area. We know and understand the importance of this but we have gotten too busy in life that we have failed the generations in stepping up and truly investing in others lives. It is Scriptural and it’s necessary and I encourage you to find someone to invest in, love on, allow them to know they are valued, IMPORTANT, mentor them and be teachable enough to be mentored yourself.
But what blew me away in his message was this. Towards the end of the service he called up a young gentleman to the stage and not only spoke of the importance of a mentor, but spoke on the Fathers blessing and how IMPORTANT it is for our children to know the depths of love a parent has for them and what the blessing of a father does in a child’s life. Powerful powerful powerful. There was only one other time I heard someone speak on this and that was when we were in Ohio at our church there and Recie Saunders spoke on this and one by one stood in the gap for ALL those who had never recived a blessing from their earthly father and one by one prayed over them. God moved and healings took place. Amazing ?
Last night Pastor Brad moved mountains in the kingdom. He broke a spirit of rejection, abandonment, spirits of feeling unloved and worthless and poured love, truth, acceptance and a true blessing from a father not only into this young man’s life but into the lives of everyone in the congregation.
I urge you today to pray and ask God to open your eyes and heart enough to bring someone in that needs the direction, guidance and love you can offer them and I encourage you to be in prayer for the Lord to bring you someone that can guide and help direct your steps. But I also encourage you, even of you don’t believe in God, if you don’t have the same beliefs as I do, please please please take this from what I wrote. The power of a Fathers blessing in children’s lives is imperative, foundational and necessary. There is a value, a love, a trust, a confidence and sense of belonging that comes forth through this. It is powerful and powerful transformation takes place in one’s life when they truly embrace and encounter this.
Y’all go out into the world today and bless someone and Dads, take time to invest in your babies and pour love and life Into them, pray a Fathers blessing over them. Mighty mighty things with transpire through this ??