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Today was the first day of kindergarten for my oldest daughter Avery. I can not even express to you the wide range of emotions I faced as I hugged her last night putting her to bed and how I felt today as I walked away from her classroom. I had feelings of overwhelming sadness but at the same time my heart was filled with an abundant amount of joy.

Now was the test, John and I have been raising our children to be kingdom kids, kingdom changers within the world around us. We have prayed with them and over them since in the womb and our hearts desire above all else is for them to love, serve and obey Gods WORD and commandments.

Over the past five years social media has invaded our world and has definitely invaded the way we parent and teach our kids. I am just going to put it out there. There are many days I struggle with social media because it always highlights everyone’s BEST and many people continuously show all their craftiness and how intelligent their kids are. Don’t get me wrong I sing their praises but then I get down on myself bc I am not that type of mom. I am not wired to be creative and teach. I am not wired to be a PINTEREST mommy and I am not wired to spend hours a day teaching my kids educational things. But I am wired to teach them the abundant love of Jesus and the grace and mercy he pours out onto his children. I am wired to love my kids above all else, fail at being a parent and go to my kids humbly and say I am sorry and ask for forgiveness. I am wired in such a way that my kids know when a person is sick or injured that they go up to that person and pray for them and I am wired in a way that they see, hear and live out Jesus in my home.

That being said, we all, even my kids have the choice of free will and as much as I can teach and instill into them how we should act and treat others, they are still sinners and they still have the ability to do the exact opposite of what I have taught them. As Avery has been approaching this day of kindergarten and really entering into the world, onto the mission field, John and I have talked with her and prayed over her that she would be a light in a dark world. That the love of Jesus would shine through her and that people would flock to her because there was something different about her. We have prayed over her that if she sees a child that doesn’t have any friends, or is being picked on, that she would reach out to that kid or intervene on their behalf. That her love and light for Jesus would shine through and that child would feel the embrace of our Heavenly Father.  Our prayer is that she would obey her teachers and that God would protect her, guide her and position her around the people that need to see Jesus most.

All that being said, as I sent my baby girl off today I prayed all these qualities would exuberate in and through her.  I have said this since the day she was born, in fact I believe this for all my children. I believe it is highly important that my kids have a good education and that they strive to do their very best in whatever they do. But I have to be honest, as much as I care about eduction, the way I feel about their foundation being grounded in Christ, how to love as Christ loved and how to except people no matter their differences, far exceeds their book knowledge. Honestly the most important educational piece I pray that they have is a hunger, thirst and desire to read because they NEED to know how to read the bible..

As Avery came home from school comatose for 2 hours from her brain being fried from all she learned she went on to tell me this story. She said mommy, today at lunch a girl told me I didn’t look pretty in my outfit and that I looked like a clown. So Avery responded by asking her some questions and the girl said, “stop asking me questions, stop asking me questions.” To that Avery said , “hey do you want to be my friend?” and the girl responded with YES. The day progress and then they had gym. At gym class Avery said this girl was doing an exercise and Avery was in the corner cheering her on saying great job. The girl looked at Avery and smiled.

Ummm yes that brought tears to my eyes. Avery was on the mission field today and I could not have been more proud of how she responded to this girl. She showed the LOVE of Jesus to a girl that was trying to tear her down. She rose above the attacks of the enemy and said, WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND??? That changed the course of things for Avery today and for that girl. Avery impacted her so much by the love she had for her and for not responded to her negativity. I was blown away. Then later tonight my neighbor told me of a story where her daughter introduced Avery to a friend of hers and Avery and this girl hit it off. They started to play together and then my neighbor asked to play with them and the other girl said no, this game is only for two people. Seeing how her feelings were hurt, Avery said thats my friend and let her play. My neighbor went from feeling like none liked her anymore to instantly feeling loved again. Avery stepped up and intervened.

Moral of the story. As I heard Avery speak and seeing how proud she was to behave in a way that we have prayed over her was one of the most joyous feelings I have ever experienced. She got it. Its not about the education, fame or popularity contest. Its about realizing you are always on the mission field and God places the hurting, the wounded and the broken before you and its your choice in how you are gong to react when you encounter them. Are you going to meet them where that are at, love on them, change their way of thinking at least for that moment and love on them in such a way that it forever transforms them? Or are you going to respond in the flesh, offend them and wound them even more?

Unfortunately too many people are so broken and wounded that they wind up wounding other people. They don’t take the time to realize that there are desperately hurting people out there that need just one encounter with Jesus for them to be radically changed. I am blessed and thankful that ALL of my kids have a heart that loves the LORD. They love to serve HIM, worship HIM and they love to love the unlovable.

As much as it scares me for any of my children to be away from me I know God has them under HIS wings and I know HE will be protecting them. The light, love and hope of Jesus radiates through my children and I couldn’t be more proud to be their mommy. I am blessed beyond measure God gave me these precious angels to lead, position and raise up to be MIGHTY warriors in HIS kingdom. To step out in faith, to speak with an unfiltered purified heart and to love people into the kingdom.  This is when I know it s a job well done..