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imageI was reminded of this picture today and how big and awesome our God is. No matter what we are facing, no matter how big or small the mountain is we are climbing, God is there to carry us through, catch us if we fall and he is there to go before us and level out any mountain that may be crippling us from reaching new depths and heights within him.

I know that there are times where you may feel as though you are climbing these mountains, you keep looking down and think to yourself will I ever be able to rest and breath again? Why do I always have to take the long journey to get me where God wants me to go and the only answer I have for you is this. God uses everything for his good. There is nothing that we walk through that goes unwarranted or unwasted. If we choose to play victim to our circumstances we don’t keep our eyes on HIM and we don’t give him glory through our circumstances. Yes what we go through does make us stronger and if you are like me, when you are in the midst of the yuck of life and someone says that to you, every morsal of your being wants to cringe. You know it makes you stronger but those aren’t the words you want or need to here in the moment of despair. When you are broken, fragile and hopeless, becoming “stronger” isn’t really encouraging to a weak soul. I will tell you this though. When you are in a desolate place, on your knees begging for mercy the only place to go to is before HIM. You begin to lean into Him more for strength and guidance. ¬†You seek him and his ways and more often than not you surrender your control over to him. So yes in short you do become stronger but you become so much more. You grow in Him and his truths. You become stronger but you become more Christlike as you allow him to work in and through you in all your circumstances and your strength becomes supernatural.

There is no mountain, no valley no trail or circumstance he cannot help you overcome. My prayer for you today is that you surrender control over to him. That you allow him to conquer the mountains you are facing and that you keep your eyes focused on the end prize. That no matter what you are facing you glorify him and be give him praise. Nothing is on accident and you are walking and climbing a bumpy mountain for a reason. Allow him to purify you and allow him into that hidden place of your soul that is scared, frightened, ashamed or that feels guilty and allow him to do a miraculous work in you, allowing him to transform you to being more like him.

The road may be hard and the struggles real, but when you get to the other side of the mountain and you are able to breathe again, there will be a new found freedom that only HE can give you. Trust, seek and you will find Him and HE will allow you to soar high over the mountains. You will be able to look down upon the mountains and say I once was there but look where my God has brought me and you will one day be able to encourage and help someone else who is need. Our testimonies become our biggest ministry tool. Allow him to use you for his kingdom. Be blessed today xoxoxo