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Last night I was text messaging with a sweet friend of mine and we got into a conversation where she asked me, “Why aren’t there more people like you in this world?” I am not writing this to get a pat on my back or to boast. I am writing this because this is what I am passionate about and what I believe to be truth. This is what I wrote to her:

Because too many people are broken and wounded in this world and they don’t take time to be healed by Jesus. When we fully understand him and his love for us and his desire for us to be more like him, which means we need to be healed from all the pain and wounds we have encountered and suffered, we would have more people like this and less people hurting, back stabbing and wronging others. Jesus said we must become less so that others may become more. Meaning no matter what we are going through there is someone else out there that needs the loving presence of him. If we take out our selfishness and allow him to rise out of us, others will see him, his love and his faithfulness. So then they will become greater beacuse they have seen and received HIM.

Many people don’t get that. They are too wrapped up in their own safe world, not stepping outside of their comfort zones and they are just plain selfish. They remove themselves from situations that trigger them or force them to feel something they have tucked down within their soul. People are more complacent living a surface Christian life then living and walking out the deepness in which God has called us to live. ¬†An open, transparent, loving, vulnerable life where our testimonies through our brokenness becomes the light and hope for others.
If more people acted and served the way Jesus calls us to we wouldn’t need counselors and psychiatrists because we would be a community that was loving on one another and being Jesus in the flesh. Weeping with those who weep, rejoicing with those who rejoice and taking on others burdens and carrying them through the most difficult of days and running with them in the most blissful days.

It’s not rocket science. It’s truth and it’s in Gods word. Yes when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior he forgives us of our sins but he ALSO comes alongside the weak and brokenhearted, he shows them an undeniable love, an unconditional love a faithful love and he restores, redeems and pieces back together a soul that is full of HIM. He is so much more than what the church portrays him to be. We need to stop putting him into our safe, complacent little box and allow him to do a mighty work in and through us. We need to go before him, as broken and wounded as we are and receive him into the places that are in darkness and need to see the sunlight again. We need to stop being selfish, even when we are sick and broken ourselves and help those around us that need the touch, light and hope of Jesus in their lives.

My plead to you today is to stop in the midst of the chaos and business of your life and be still enough to see and hear what God wants you to do. Go before him and ask where you need healed and where you need to be set free and ask him to come into those places and speak truth into your wound. Be vulnerable before him and allow him to do a mighty work. Also go help someone in need, someone you know is struggling and someone you know needs to hear and see the light, hope and love of Jesus.. Be different today, be Jesus in the flesh.

Blessings to you all…